Friday, November 11, 1988

Post-Election Decor

It's the 70th anniversary of the Armistice of World War I... Veteran's Day. I woke up early for breakfast, and ate in the refectory with Viv and Kenny. Then I went to my Roz seminar of Social/Political Structures, then went to the library to get my Geography Paper Assignments down.

I came back to my room afterward, where in a little while Viv came over and we had some lunch. She they stayed for awhile in my room until she had to leave to get ready for her trip back home, where she was going to be visiting for the weekend. Good news, though... she let me borrow her TV for the duration of her visit!

After that, I spent a couple of hours re-arranging my room (post-election decor, pictured), and going through the newspapers, clipping out election articles. I think they'll be interesting to look back upon someday.

Later, after dinner, we had another water battle, which lasted from 6.30-7.00 p.m. It was quite intense and loads of fun.

(Editor's note: Up until now, the entire journal has been written in pencil.)

Doug borrowed my pencil and it ran out of lead, so now I'll have to start writing in pen. Good news on Doug... he's finally decided that this place isn't too bad! I spent the rest of the evening writing letters, watching a little telly (it's about 15 inches, ha ha!), then listening to some tunes on my stereo before finally turning in for bed.

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