Friday, February 24, 1989

Talent? ...

I had a pretty good day today. First, I went to my early Social/Political Structures class, which was rather dry (about multi-national corporations), then relaxed around the halls. Early in the evening I called Viv at home, and she said she was feeling much better, so we were able to talk for awhile.

Afterward, and following further dilly-dallying around St. Hilda's, the lot of us went to the Student Union. It was the first time in a few months that I had actually been there. We were originally going to head to the Architecture Union, but a last minute change of heart convinced us to do otherwise (we didn't think we'd be able to swing cheap drinks.) Had a really good time at the Union. I had a bit to drink (went for the cheaper Newcastle Brown Ale - Newkie Brown - to save some money. Darn good for so-called "cheap beer"!), talked to some of my friends and to some people that I didn't know.

They were hosting a Talent Show at the Student Union that evening (though from what I saw, I don't think they found any), and I watched in amazement as the girls were blithely going into the guys bathroom all evening (due to overcrowding in the ladies' loo, naturally). I wasn't really in the mood to care.

I worked with J.P. to try to slap together an act for the Talent Show, and take the stage to perform Yokel's "I Don't Like Ugly People." Unfortunately, it didn't work out. Perhaps if we would've had a bit more time to prepare...

After awhile I lost J.P., but rediscovered some people I hadn't seen in a long while. I walked back to the Student Union with Cat (from Juniata, see September 29, 1988) and Helen (see October 4, 1988; also pictured above, right, with her friend Vicki), two people I hadn't really associated with in a few months. It made me start to wonder about some of those people I met and hung around with, and then disappeared, back in October. (German Karin?)

Anyway, I came back to my room well past midnight, let Shannon the Hamster run around before crashing shortly thereafter in bed.

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