Monday, December 12, 1988

Tragedy at Clapham Junction ...

It's the beginning of a week of decadence and pointless frivalties. All of my work is done, other than having to go to a few classes, so it's fun time and preparation for my journey ahead... 26 days traveling around Britain. I'll be spending some time in London, and Christmas at Viv's home in Skegness, then traveling around with J.P. to, well, wherever we happen to wish to go.

The day started on a sad note, however, with the train disaster at Clapham Junction in London. Two trains collided, killing 33 people. The first reports were saying that 52 people died, so fortunately that number was wrong. We sat around for awhile listening to the radio to find out the details about the crash. I was listening intently because of my future travel plans on the train. And actually, we will be traveling along this route (assuming that we can) to get to Sid's house, where we will be staying while in London.

Ironically, I received my 22-day BritRail pass from my parents today, which will give me the ability to travel anywhere in Britain at any time while it's active. I also received a letter from my sister Angie, in which she enclosed a school photo and asked if "my girlfriend would be her pen pale." It was cute.

Went to perhaps the most interest class I've attended this year. No, that's not true at all. It was yet another "We didn't realize what we were supposed to read so we didn't" class with Allen McLauren. Yippee!

Afterwards, J.P. and I rented (or as they say here, "hired") two videos to watch, "Ferris Bueller's Day Off" and "After Hours." We also reserved the library's video room, and after dinner we gathered some people and headed over to watch both films. Everyone enjoyed "Ferris Bueller" (of course). Reviews were mixed on "After Hours," and Jodi said that she didn't understand it. To make matters worse, we ran out of time in the video room with 10 minutes to go in "After Hours," so when we got back to The Grange, J.P. and I had to explain what happened at the end of the movie.

Next I went up to visit Viv in her room. Unfortunately she has four essays to finish by Thursday, so while this is a light week for me, it's exactly the opposite for her. She had one essay finished, so she celebrated by stopping for the evening and came back to my room for awhile.

A little later on, I called my parents to let them know that I received the train ticket, and also to let them know that I was OK and not anywhere near the train crash. Mom will worry about things like that, of course.

I snapped this picture of Clapham Junction from the train I rode from London to Sid's house, one week after the train disaster here.

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