Wednesday, December 7, 1988

Halloween in December? ...

Pearl Harbor Day... although for George Bush it was three months ago (ha ha!).

I was planning on spending the day working on my Geography report, which is on the subject of the Central Business District. So I went to the library and got some books out and did some writing, but not too much. Hardly any, actually. I'm not really worried, though.

I got the package from my Grandma Reitz that I was expecting (finally!) It was postmarked Oct. 13. Good old quick service, huh? Her package had a Halloween card in it, as well as a lot of food (hooray!) (Pictured is the letter I received from Grandma, after I told her the package had not yet arrived.) I also got a letter from Shannon (my friend from Millersville, not my hamster.)

I ate a bit for dinner, then I hung out with Viv for the evening. Shannon is doing great (my hamster.) So is Shannon the person (from Millersville.) Maybe I should pick less confusing names for my pets.

Watched "Dr. Who." It was the third and final installment of "The Silver Nemesis."

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