Tuesday, December 13, 1988

An Interesting Class ...

Got up for breakfast and did make it to what turned out to be the most interesting class I've been to this year... Literature in Context, with a discussion on the Spanish Civil War with a substitute professor (and believe it or not, a conservative one!) He was very interesting and full of life, with great comments like, "I don't know why we gave up that island to the Spanish. It would be a lot easier for the British to have kept it so that our tourists wouldn't have had to exchange their pounds for pesos." He was excellent.

(Editor's note: In the margins of the journal, Viv added a quick comment here: "A lot of good my course would be then. - Viv." She's a European Business Major with her concentration in Spanish).

I didn't go to any other classes today, but I had a good conversation with Doug, talking about any and everything. He's leaving in a little less than a week.

After dinner I didn't get anything accomplished, but I did watch MASH and talked with Doug some more, as well as with Martin Brabazon, the college's Labour Club secretary. I had not talked to Martin at all before today. We didn't get into politics, but I imagine we will eventually.

Next I went up to rescue Viv from her evil essay work. She still has some work to do, so it will be an all-day work session for her tomorrow.

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