Sunday, December 25, 1988

It's Christmastime ...

Wow, I woke up later than I've ever woken up on Christmas morning... 11 a.m.! My previous "late" record was 9 a.m., which I did last year. The Schofields don't open up gifts until after lunch, so I didn't miss any of the fun.

At 1 p.m. (8 a.m. in Camp Hill), I called home to wish my family a Merry Christmas, and see how everyone was doing. My sister Angie had already been up for awhile (she probably woke up even before I did!), and Dad was just getting up, while Mom had just returned home from working the night shift. So I had a chance to talk to everyone.

Mom was glad to hear my voice, as she expressed concern for my safety after hearing about the Lockerbie plane crash 4 days ago. She knew in her head that I was fine, but there was that little tinge of worry that I might have somehow figured out a way to surprise them and fly home for Christmas. Of course, my finances being what they are, that would be impossible (perhaps a blessing that I'm a poor college student.) She was also worried about Doug, because she knew he was flying home but didn't know what day he was planning to leave. She was relieved to hear that he flew out two days earlier.

After a delicious Christmas dinner, we watched part of "Back to the Future" on TV, then switched the channel to "The Empire Strikes Back" while we opened gifts. Her family was very kind and generous to me. I got a diary from Viv's parents, a shaving kit from Karen, candy from Roseanne and Grandma, a Europe book from Dr. Morrison, and Viv gave me Pink Floyd's "Delicate Sound of Thunder" live album on cassette, an ALF poster, and shortbread cookies. I gave Viv the book "The Complete Works of Shakespeare," which I think she may already have, and a stuffed teddy bear.

After the field ended, I called J.P., who was staying with Kenny up in St. Andrews, to tell him when and where we will meet in Edinburgh. Sounds like he's having a good time.

Then I called good old Scott, my friend back home, to wish him a Merry Christmas and update him about how things were (and that I was safe.) We talked for a few minutes, and said he's still dating the Tamster (Tammy). It sounds like he's pretty serious this time. He's talking possible marriage in a couple of years. Wow, a friend of mine talking about marriage? While we were hoping there was a chance he might be able to come over to visit me while I was over here, he said he doesn't think that will be possible, because of money, which is certainly understandable. A few of my friends said they might try and visit, but so far none of them have indicated that they will be able to.

After another meal, we got a game of Quizmaster going. We all played, and in the end, Viv and I squeaked out a victory. Lateron we also got a game of Monopoly going, but we (Mr. & Mrs. Schofield, Roseanne and I) didn't finish it. We left the board up to finish it tomorrow.

Although it felt very different, it was still a memorable Christmas. Hey, I just realized that I didn't even leave the house at all today.

Pictured: #1: The Schofield's Christmas tree. #2: Viv's parents (left and right) and her Grandmother, 83. #3: Roseanne and Viv, opening Christmas gifts.

  • Number One Song in Britain This Week: "Mistletoe & Wine" - Cliff Richard
  • Number One Song in America This Week: "Every Rose Has Its Thorn" - Poison

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