Thursday, December 1, 1988

OK, So I Own a Hamster. Now What? ...

I was going to go into town today, but decided not to. Shannon, my new hamster roommate, was rather active last night (as hamsters tend to be nocturnal), but she was relatively quiet and I had no problem sleeping. I didn't do much today other than play with Shannon and write a letter to my friend Dave Wagoner back home (started writing the letter at home, finished it up in class.)

Actually, Prose Fiction class today wasn't too bad (probably because, as J.P. put it, we didn't have to read anything for it.) After class I went to the library and did research on the American Class System for a presentation I'm doing for Social/Political Structures class. Hopefully I can win Roz over with my essay, but it'll be tough. So I did about three hours of research for my 10 minute presentation.

I came back to my room and continued working on the presentation, during which time Viv stopped by and did some work as well. Later that evening I did something very typical and very beautiful... I slept.

(Pictured is J.P. These were his rejected photos for various school IDs, which I acquired from him. Then I gave him a nice hat. This was pre-Photoshop, folks!)

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