Wednesday, November 30, 1988

You Bought a What? ...

Had my Geography class at 9.15 this morning. After class, I went into town with the intention of dropping off my film, as well as get my hair cut (for the first time since arriving in England!). I did all of this, and something else that was somewhat unexpected.

I bought a hamster.

It was a spur of the moment decision, but I'm glad I did. I named her Shannon, after my basset hound dog back home. I also bought her a nice cage. When I came back I showed it to Viv, who thought I was completely crazy for buying it. Why? Because I'm an American student in a foreign country with plans to travel about? Because we're not allowed to have pets in the residence? Anyway, she quickly fell for Shannon as well.

Doug was also shocked, as were others. But most soon found her to be so cute that they seemed to forget how my decision was so crazy.

I spent a good bit of the rest of the evening with Viv, mostly playing with Shannon. The hamster cost me £12 total (£2.50 for her £9 for the cage, food, etc.) I think it was well worth it.

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