Friday, November 4, 1988

Home Brew

Woke up bright and early for my Roz seminar. It wasn't all that bad... if you look past the blatant Communist propaganda. Came back to my room, then went on a shopping excursion with J.P. and Kenny in downtown Hull, where I bought a Prince EP for my friend Scott back home (featuring the non-album track, "Another Lonely Christmas") and some batteries. J.P. and Kenny bought a bucket for the home brew they are planning to make. St. Hilda's beer... well that should be interesting. (Pictured: J.P., meditates in Queen's Park in Hull. Perhaps he's asking the beer gods to give him the gift of brewmastery.)

Went back to the residence and ate dinner. After dinner we went to the Gardner's Arms for a pint, then over to Double Happiness for some chips and gravy. A little while after returning to my room, Viv stopped by for a visit. She was planning on going home to Skegness for the weekend, but as the evening progressed, it became more and more obvious that her friend who was going to pick her up wasn't going to return her message. I guess we'll have to wait and see if she hears anything tomorrow. Only four days until the presidential election!

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