Monday, November 21, 1988

Smart Trenchcoat ...

Oooh, nothing quite like the feel of a brisk aerosol can of deodorant on a cold morning to get you ready for the day!

We had a good snowstorm today, and with it being the coldest day since I got here, I decided that my Gore-Tex jacket was no longer enough. So, before class, I went into town (in the snow) and, after walking around a bit, went into the Army-Navy Store and bought a nice trenchcoat. It was only £8.70! It keeps me a lot warmer, and looks really smart.

Happy with my purchases (which included a cassette of "Bolero"), I returned to the halls to prepare for my Poetry and Drama class. It was a good class. We discussed Oscar Wilde's "The Importance of Being Earnest," and watched part of the film as well. This is probably one of my favorite books, so it was quite an interesting discussion for me.

I spent a good bit of the evening with Viv. Then at about 10 of 12, I decided that I was hungry. So we took a walk up to Cottingham Road, only to find all of the restaurants closed. These are the moments when I miss Millersville. There's always someone ready to sell food to a hungry college student there. We walked back, dejected and hungry, and we bought a candy bar in the hall vending machine.

A Twix bar.


(Pictured: Rick and Doug in downtown Hull. Rick is sporting the trenchcoat he purchased 20 years ago today. He wore that thing for about 12 years before finally replacing it with a newer, significantly more costly trenchcoat. Oh, and this is one of my favorite photos from England. It was taken by J.P.)

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