Tuesday, November 15, 1988

Doug Makes a Big Decision

So I woke up today around 8 a.m. and went to grab some breakfast. Then I took a shower and went to my classes. While there, I was informed by Doug that after talking to his parents last night, he has decided that instead of finishing the year at Humberside College, he's going home at the end of the term, which would likely be right around Christmas.


Well that wasn't the news I wanted to hear, but hopefully he'll be able to stick around until the Duran Duran concert we have tickets for in London on December 23. It'd be a shame if he missed it since he has been so pumped to see them here in England.

Anyway, I still had other matters to resolve, that being Viv being upset at me for the row we had last night. So after Geography and Soc/Pol Structures classes, I went back to make amends to Viv. We talked it out and realized it was a misunderstanding, so we're cool again. Then I went back to work on the map I'm creating on large poster board. (It's loads of fun, but I don't know why.), then Liz visited my room for awhile. Went to dinner, and then Viv and I returned to my room to make amends even more.

When she returned to her room, I completed my map (the country of "Flamenoria") and hung the finished product on the wall. I must say that I am quite pleased with the final results.

Later on I went over to St. Hilda's, where I found Doug had gotten quite drunk, I guess in celebration of his decision to leave early... though I don't know if celebrate is quite the term to use. I hung around there for awhile, and then came back to catch some sleep.

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