Monday, November 28, 1988

The Cinema Show ...

Well, I did get up early (with a little assistance from Viv), got breakfast in time, and then did some reading. The laziness of yesterday apparently carried over into today, at least until my afternoon class. When we got to class, we were discussing a play that J.P. and I had not read, called "Miss Julia," because we didn't know that we were supposed to read it. So that didn't work out too well for us.

After dinner I did a bit more bumming around. Talked to Liz a bit. Then Doug and I decided to catch a movie, so we went to the cinema to see "Imagine: John Lennon," a documentary about Lennon's life that used a lot of never-before-seen film footage from Lennon's collection, and clips of Lennon's voice to "narrate" the film. It was well done, interesting, and a must-see for any John Lennon/Beatles fan. Excellent. Doug and I arrived at the cinema a little early, so we sat in the bar until the theatre opened. I had a cider, he had brandy. We had a good discussion about life in general. It'll be sad to see him leave next month.

We caught the bus back to The Grange, and ran into Dave Hart and Karen, who were also returning from the movies. They had just seen Charles Bronson's movie "Messinger of Death." They are bigger movie moguls than me, and seem to go see a lot (they went to see "Colors" three times already!) We talked movies for awhile on the ride back, and when we returned I went and got Viv, and she came back to my room for awhile.

(Pictured: Another photo of York from three days earlier. The Christmas decorations were up and the holiday shopping crowd was rather large as we walked through the streets of York, about 45 miles north of Hull, last Friday.)

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