Wednesday, November 9, 1988

Water Battle

Woke up at 8.50 a.m., just in time to get to my Geography lecture. However, I opted out, and decided to go get some breakfast instead, then get some more rest after only four hours of sleep.

Once again, I didn't receive any mail, but I was still happy most of the day because of Bush's win. I spent a good deal of the morning and afternoon catching up on my writing, with a break for lunch at the refactory. During the day, I watched two talk shows dealing with the American presidential election. One of those shows, which was filmed in Norwich, had a section of Americans, including college students, and they were discussing the election. One of the students, I swear, looked exactly like Brian Lobel, a friend of mine from grade school. He had a mustache and a deeper voice, but the tonality was the same and he looked exactly like him. I'll have to check into it to see if it was actually him (I know, probably a one in a million chance.)

Later in the day, we had our first major water battle throughout the residences. Having recently purchased my own water weapon, I was prepared for combat (me pictured ready for combat above). It took place outdoors as well as indoors, and it lasted for a good half an hour, with a significant audience watching us. It was good fun. The battle took place shortly after we watched a new episode of "Dr. Who," featuring the Candy Man.

After the water battle, I spent the rest of the evening with my girlfriend Viv. Oh, before watching Dr. Who, Viv and I went to the library so that she could get some work done. I got a newspaper and spent the time reading over election results, but the final tally hadn't come in when it went to press. Then I worked on a Scrabble puzzle in the paper, which became obsessive. That's all.

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