Wednesday, November 16, 1988

Doug Makes the Decision Final ...

Woke up early for class, and then afterward I headed into town to run a few errands, including dropping off my roll of black-and-white film, buy a newspaper, and see if the new Crosby, Stills, Nash & Young album was in yet. Not quite yet. I'm looking forward to hearing how they sound reunited after all these years.

While I was in downtown Hull, I ran into Doug, who had just gone to a travel agent to buy his plane ticket home. So I guess it's really happening, he's leaving early.

He said his flight leaves London on December 19... which means he's going to miss the Duran Duran concert. That's a shame, but it's his decision and he's cool with it. That's how badly he wants to go home and put this experience behind him. Also, he wanted to fly British Airways and that was the best flight he could get. We ate lunch at McDonald's, then returned home where I read the paper.

Later I went around to visit Doug, J.P., and the rest of the St. Hilda's crew, during which time we, of course, broke out into a water battle. After dinner it was "business as usual" with the good Doctor (Who). It was the conclusion of the 3-part series "The Happiness Patrol" featuring the Kandyman. It was kind of weak, actually, but I thought the irony of a world where happiness is force upon you was a clever idea, and the series actually had a pretty good ending.

Afterwards, I came back to the room, and later on Viv stopped by for a bit. Later on after that, the day ended.


Pictured: Doug discovers some ducks swimming in the reeds at a park in downtown Hull.

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