Tuesday, November 8, 1988

The Big Day

It's election day! I went to classes starting at 10.15 a.m. with Poetry and Drama. Then I went to my Geography seminar, but decided to skip my Soc./Pol. Structures lecture to go into town to return my library books (due today) and to buy a .44 caliber water pistol (only 99p), because you never know when something like that is going to come in handy. I also purchased Paul Simon's new album, "Negotiations and Love Songs (1971-86)." It's a greatest hits album. I also bought a copy of The Times and some food, then I returned to my room, went to dinner, then spent sometime with Viv, during which time we watched "The Cosby Show," "Fawlty Towers" and the news (among other activities.) Fortunately, Viv has a TV that she set up in my room so that we could watch the programs. Because of my room location, I can pick up a better reception than she can in her room.

Then at 11.30, coverage began for the election, which I watched until 4.30 a.m. As I had anticipated, Vice President George Bush (R) was victorious over Massachusetts Gov. Michael Dukakis (D). I was hoping to catch Bush's acceptance speech, but I fell asleep beforehand (which I kicked myself for missing.)

During the festivities, Viv was with me until about 12.30 p.m., when she left to return to her room. Another visitor was Simon McMullen, or Sam, who lives down the hall from me. He's an older student and a married socialist who was completely annoyed at the whole ordeal. We had some spirited and good-natured arguments and discussions during the evening.

J.P. and Sid also stopped by the room when they returned from LA's, and Ian, who lives next door, also stopped in to check it out for a bit. Needless to say, Bush scored a decisive victory over the Duke. Four more years of prosperity awaits... yaaaay!

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