Friday, November 18, 1988

Liz's New Boyfriend

Woke up for breakfast and then tried to keep it down during my Roz seminar. It was nothing exciting, but I guess it was somewhat interesting. I'm able to tolerate her a bit more, though I still don't like her very much. Returned to my room with the whole day still ahead of me, so I rested, read, ate some lunch, and didn't take a shower.

After dinner, almost everyone went out, but Doug and I stayed in and watched some telly. We caught some old shows like "Sgt. Bilko," then watched some modern British sitcom that wasn't too bad. After that Doug and I trotted down to Double Happiness for some Chinese, then brought it back to his room, where we chatted for a couple of hours, including the planning out of the sequel to "Harry Luger and the Case of the Dead Husband," a little video movie I made in 1986 with my cousins. I was Harry Luger, a dimwitted private investigator on the trail of a killer, but who couldn't spot a clue to save his life. I'm going to miss our conversations when he goes back home in December.

Shortly after I left the gaggle of St. Hilda's Pissheads returns (most of them, anyway), from the Student Union. Later that evening, Viv came to my room and took me back to her room, where Liz and her friends, Angie and Puree, were hanging out with Liz's new boyfriend, a guy named John, who was waiting for a pizza delivery. We sat and talked, listening to a horrible Tom Jones tape. John turned out to be pretty cool, and a Conservative, which provided for more compelling conversation about the politics of the day and my take on the recent American presidential election. I told Liz that she did very well.

Well finally, at 3 a.m., the pizza arrived (I did not have any), and soon afterwards Viv and I left to return to my room, where she stayed so that Puree could stay in Viv's room with Liz that night. I was happy to oblige.

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