Wednesday, November 2, 1988

Inspired by Geography... and Boredom

Six days until Bush's victory speech! Actually, I'm at the "worried something's going to go wrong" stage right now, but I still think he should win the election.

Spent the first hours of the day in breakfast (what is in that sausage, anyway?) and my Geography lecture. I spent most of the day doing rather routine things, such as food shopping and reading. In a fit of boredom, and I guess somewhat inspired by my Geography class, I sat around creating a map of a fictional country named Flamenco (pictured). It's odd, but interesting, I guess. Maybe I'll continue to develop the country and see what comes of it.

Ate dinner, then met up with Viv. We watched an episode of "Family Ties," and then a new episode of "Doctor Who." Then Viv and I studied a bit until I got tired, so I returned to my room and went to bed at around 11 p.m. Of late, going to bed that early has been highly unusual.

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