Saturday, December 10, 1988

Farewell, my two babies ...

Dog day Saturday. Woke up for breakfast (Wow!) and hung around the residence doing nothing of any great worth. I cleaned out Shannon the Hamster's cage in preparation for Viv's parents coming to visit.

When they arrived, we showed them Shannon, and then we went for dinner at Cheekie Charlie's, an Americanized pizza place. It was a pretty good meal, and I got to meet and talk to Viv's parents.

After dinner I bought a newspaper ("The Times," naturally), we came back to The Grange, and I helped the Schofield's load up the car with Shannon and my stereo, so that they can watch them both during Christmas break. With my two babies gone, my room looks quite naked (although the guitar is still here.)

Later I went to the TV room, where they were watching a movie called "North Sea Hijack," although it was called "ffolkes" in America. It starred Roger Moore, Anthony Perkins and others. I thought it was pretty entertaining. It had a few memorable lines, such as, "I bet you're one of those people who do the Times crossword in 10 minutes." "My dear sir, I have never taken 10 minutes." Doug was partial to the lines related to ffolkes's cat.

Pictured: Kurt, Corrinne and Kenny goof around in Kenny's room. The room was well plastered with bog roll.

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