Thursday, December 8, 1988

Snapper Day! ...

Got my first shipment of The Snapper, the Millersville University student newspaper. Man, it was great to get that package! Thank you, friends at The Snapper (Shannon and Michele, mainly). J.P. and Doug also enjoyed taking a look at life back in Millersville (where Doug will be returning in a month), and I got to share a bit of American college life with Viv through those pages as well.

*Reading the paper* Heh heh, good old Dan Waterman, still sparking a furvor on campus. My first week as a freshman last year, he got me involved in a protest of Joe Biden when he came to campus during the Judge Bork hearings. Then Dan caused near riots last year when, as a student senator, he voted against school funding for Veritas, a gay and lesbian organization. It wasn't so much that action that caused the firestorm (since the measure passed overwhelmingly), but rather the letter to the editor he wrote following that vote that got everyone on campus fired up. Well, it looks like he's bringing it up once again!

Reading the papers made me start to miss some things about Millersville. Can't get a good greasy Sugar Bowl stromboli around here! I also got a letter from Grandma in the mail with Christmas money... $25 (or, after fees and exchange rates, about £2 - a joke!) That'll come in handy.

Blew off class in order to work on my report (and read a few Snappers). I spend a good deal of my day working on the report, and I got the rough draft finished, as well as the first two pages of the final draft. I spent the rest of the day doing this, with breaks to see Viv.

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