Friday, April 14, 1989

Escalation of the Water Battles ...

Before going to class I received a letter from my friend Scott, which included a "Scott's Obligatory Album" cassette with it... cool! After a weak Social/Political Structures seminar and a bit of a wait, I went and listened to it in J.P.'s room, while he walked into town. Quite entertaining, and good to hear something from home.

After dinner and relaxing, a group of us headed to the pub. We only stayed there for a short while, whiche was fine with me since I didn't have any money. I tried again to take a few photos, but again the lighting just wasn't good enough.

Well, when we came back to St. Hilda's, we had a little party of our own, which was good fun. J.P. and I drank more home brew while we played a game of Myrtle Beach. Though not quite as fun of a drinking game, it was still good fun. The game got Jodie, J.P. and Sharon quite drunk, as well as Sid. I think I was able to get some good photos here, that I can send back to The Snapper folks.

Following the game it was goof-around time. J.P. and I earlier in the day had a water fight where we shot at one another quite randomly in the common room, during which time we got Jodie. She chased J.P. and got ketchup on his shirt.

Well, it was time for revenge.

In retaliation, J.P. had us fill up the bathtub with water, and then we all grabbed Jodie and put her into the water, fully clothed. It was rather funny.

Of course, it didn't quite end there. Jodie got her revenge for J.P.'s revenge by locking J.P. and Sid in his room for about a half an hour, but threatening to keep them in there all night. Eventually, she was persuaded otherwise.

Soon the party died down, and after some late night "chair dancing," I called it quits and went to bed.

Pictured is Scott's "Obligatory Album." Paula Abdul? Honestly, Scott...

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