Tuesday, April 18, 1989

Finishing an essay ...

Woke up bright and early in order to pull an essay together. The day started on a bright note... I got a letter from home that included £120 - that's pounds, not dollars - in it. So I was giddy with happiness as my outstanding bills could now be covered.

I spent the morning reading "A Handful of Dust," which it quite good, I might add, followed by writing my essay in the library. I must say that I got the essay completed and handed in on time, and although it should show a solid working knowledge and understanding of the novel, it is somewhat basic and probably won't bring me a very high mark. We'll see.

That evening, I was able to borrow Paul's stereo, so I made a tape for Viv and Company down in Madrid to enjoy. I hope they like it. I put some songs on it that I got from back home, so they might not.

Pictured is a sign I created to hang on my room door when I was deep into my studies.

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