Thursday, April 20, 1989

Mail Call Was the Highlight of the Day ...

I spent most of today working to finish up the tapes that I am recording in order to return the tape player to Paul. You know, important stuff.

I went to class for the first time this week, which was a discussion on "A Passage to India" again.

I received a letter from Viv today, so I stepped up production on my own letter and mailed it today... as well as my Access bill.

It was great hearing from Viv. She said she's missing me (same here!) and talked more about our plans to have her visit me in America. She's worried that it might be difficult to get the proper permits. I think it'll be OK. She also included a pass from the aeropuerto with a very nice message on the back: "Don't know whether you kept one of these... if you did, I'll bet it's not signed. Saying goodbye was painful and sweet at the same time. I'll always remember it."

Meals were nothing worth mentioning, and apart from watching some television, I did little of any importance today.

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