Thursday, April 27, 1989

Disappointing Grade ...

I didn't do anything very exciting today either. Ate breakfast (I do seem to be getting up earlier these days so that I don't miss a meal, though!), took a shower, and then did some reading for the better part of the morning.

At 2 o'clock I went to my Modern Prose Fiction Class. It was on Evelyn Waugh, so I was familiar with the material. Following the class I was feeling pretty good about the essay I handed in a few weeks before on Waugh, because it seemed that I covered a lot of what he commented about during his lecture.

So it was even more disappointing when I received my final grade... a 54. My lowest Lit grade yet! Still not a terrible grade (translates to a C+/B- in American terms), but very disappointing.

Apart from that, nothing of any great significance happened today. Viv was supposed to call, but our phone is conveniently broken, so we have no way other than post to contact each other. Sod it all!

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