Tuesday, April 11, 1989

The Game is Bond. Portfolio Bond ...

Woke early for breakfast and got my Access bill in the mail... I owe £171.00. How do I pay that? Never mind, I'll survive.

I began to work once more on my Social/Political Structures Essay, and then I got another letter in the post, this time from Trista. She told me some rather disturbing news. A friend of ours from high school tried to commit suicide. She didn't give me many details, but it bothered me as I went back to work on my paper. Apparently, she's OK now.

Got to cranking on the paper, and with 20 minutes to spare, I had handed in yet another hopeful award-winning essay. We'll see. The intro was great, but I'm disappointed with the conclusion.

Anyway, I then went through some recent issues of The Times to see if my numbers came up at all in the Portfolio Stock Game (pictured right) that I'm playing. No luck, but I sure could use some of that prize money. It's good fun, at least.

Came back to the room, ate another meal, then went and hung out in J.P.'s area of St. Hilda's, playing a game of Scrabble before going over to the TV room to watch yet another thrilling episode of "Moonlighting." Following that, there was a show on Ferdinand Marcos called "A Dangerous Life" that I watched. It was OK, but not great. Went back to my room and went to sleep not too late.

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