Thursday, April 6, 1989

More American Graffiti ...

Another gloomy day indoors. Not much to tell, really. Cleaned up the room a bit, and ate as much food as I could gather. I didn't do much school work, though. I did manage to gather quite a few notes for my Sociology essay. It's quite interesting, although I dread writing it.

When Viv came back to the flat, we went out to get a few provisions and ate hot dogs for dinner. That evening we played several games of Gin Rummy.

The highlight of the day was probably adding some more "artwork" to the graffiti hallway. I decided to recreate the album cover of my band, Yokel, for the wall.

It didn't turn out too bad. I wonder how long it will last before someone removes it? It's kinda cool to think that I was able to leave our mark here in Madrid, even though only a few people will get to see it. And none of them will get it.

Besides that, there just wasn't much to do today, and we went to bed rather early.

Pictured below is an artist's rendition of the artist's rendion of the Yokel picture that was added to the graffiti wall at the Madrid flat.

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