Monday, April 17, 1989

Rounders ...

Well, today I started out working on an essay on Katherine Mansfield, as I had been planning to do for awhile. Unfortunately, I couldn't find any books on her. I trekked to both of the Humberside College libraries, and found nothing. So I thought I'd head over to the massive Hull University Library, where I did manage to find some books.

However, upon doing my research, I found Mansfield to be quite the insane person. Plus, the question we were required to answer is quite difficult, and add to that we are not allowed to check books out of here.

So I gave up, and went to the book shop, where I decided to buy a copy of Evelyn Waugh's "A Handful of Dust" and start from scratch, writing an essay on this book instead. Grabbed some books on Waugh from the Inglemire site library, then skipped class in order to read the book.

It was quite a good book, and I continued reading until dinnertime.

After dinner, I decided to take a break and play some baseball with some of the guys. Well, OK, not exactly baseball. It is a game called rounders, which I think must have been created because the British had difficulty hitting a ball with such a small bat. It was fun, besides. Nice to play something sort of like baseball. Despite the somewhat odd rules, I played rather well.

Following that, I jumped back into my work and got a lot farther in the book before I got too tired to read anymore.

I got Shannon the Hamster back last night, and had her roaming around my room most of the time this evening.

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