Saturday, April 29, 1989

Phone Calls from America ...

This was a day of not leaving The Grange Halls, so you know that it's going to be an exciting entry in my journal! Not too bad of a day, although I spent most of it on my own.

During the day I finished up my letter to Viv and started making a tape for her, to commemorate our six-month anniversary (a little bit late, but it's the thought...)

While I was writing the letter, I got a phone call from Greg back in America, which made my day. Among other things, he said that he was going to be going to Millersville University in the fall, so we are planning (and will) room together next year. That was great news!

Other news was general Camp Hill gossip, movies, his plans for coming to Europe (now tentatively June 10th), and music, which was highlighted with a discussion about The Who reunion tour, of which he has 10th row seats to see them in Philly this summer.

I went back to my room after the extensive call and completed the first side of the tape for Viv before dinner. After dinner was TV time, and at 8 p.m. watched yet another Charlie Chaplin film, "The Circus." Sentimental, pathetic and immensely entertaining, as all of his movies with The Tramp are.

Following that, an episode of "The Young Ones" was on, but we actually opted to watch something more serious, the World War II drama "Escape from Sorbibor." It shocked many of us into the harsh realities of Jewish treatment in Concentration Camps. It was a true story about the only successful mass escape by Jewish prisoners, and it was brilliantly done. The film shocked, disturbed, and enlightened me, and I really felt good in the end when they were escaping and had killed several of the Nazis. Excellent.

The film ended at midnight, which is when I went back to the phone to call my parents and discuss various topics, including their plans to visit me at the end of the term. Final dates have been set, and they will be arriving at Heathrow on the 14th of June, and we will all be leaving to head back to America on June 23. It's a bit shorter than we originally planned, but still plenty of time to show them England (Scotland will not fit in.)

Of course, we discussed various other tidbits about home to keep me informed on the goings on. The Pennsylvania Lottery jackpot is at $115 million, the highest ever for a U.S. lottery, and the second highest ever in the world. Gee, what I could do with that kind of money!

Following our talk, I returned to my room, and although it was late, I was not tired and decided to finish up Viv's tape, then listen to it in bed. Didn't get to sleep until after 3 a.m.

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