Thursday, June 1, 1989

The First Day of My Last Month in Europe ...

Not a tremendously exciting day today, but it is officially the first day of my last month in Europe. I checked some books out of the library to study, and I spent a bit of the day revising for exams.

I talked to Sam for a bit as well, until after dinner, when he left for Scunthorpe for the weekend.

The high point of the day was receiving a letter from Rachel back home, who is currently in Virginia for her marine-thingie course. Sounds like a good experience for her. I also found out that Elvis Costello is going to be doing a US tour in July.

Anyway, that evening, in the midst of boredom, Jane visited me and we proceeded to talk for about three hours. She said she might buy my guitar, which I need to sell before I return to America. I sure hope she does. She also liked my Yokel tape and thought the Reed & Reitz tape was brilliant, so she borrowed them to tape for herself. Finally, a cult following! I can see big things for our band in the future. We're going to be big in Europe, I just know it!

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