Monday, June 12, 1989

Last Monday in Hull, Ever ...

Not another dull and boring day? Y'bet! Woke for breakfast, but went back to bed a minute later and missed it... figures. So I compensated, and after a failed visit to the bank (they are still not ready with my cashpoint card), I bought mounds of food on my Access card. Ate cheese and other delectibles with coffee 'n Sam (who just returned from home), and we caught up on some of the weekend's activities.

When dinner approached, I wasn't too hungry, but forced down some grub, because I knew that later on I would be hungry if I didn't eat now. Studied jolly hard for a good long time because "The Waste Land" is one hell of a difficult poem to figure out.

Watched a bad film with Sean Connery called "Zardoz" (Sam likes it), during which time Viv called me and we straightened out a few details. It was good to hear her voice again. I told her about her parents calling me, and that I still haven't received the money for the plane ticket. I hope it comes soon!

Finished watching the rest of the movie, then went back to Sam's room for a coffee, after which I tried to go to bed early, so as to have a full day tomorrow.

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