Tuesday, June 13, 1989

Whoops! (The Sound of Jupiter Blowing Up) ...

I averted a near catastrophe today, simply by going to get breakfast this morning.

While talking to Buffy, she casually mentioned that she'd see me later on at the exam today.


I didn't say anything, but I thought the exam was tomorrow. So I went to check it out, and she was right! I warned J.P., who was under the same impression that I was, and we rushed over to the library to study. Fortunately, I had already gone over two of the topics quite well already, so it wasn't a major push to get prepared. but man, the exam could've passed me and I would not have even known it until it was too late!

Thanks Buffy! (And thank you, breakfast!)

The exam was alright, but of course, not without my complaints. The T.S. Eliot question was horrible and I mangled my way through it. I don't recall ever studying any other poems by Eliot, so I didn't know them. Even though the question asked for other examples, since I didn't know any of them, I just tried my best to apply everything to "The Waste Land." Admittedly, it didn't turn out too well. The other questions went reasonably well, so I'm sure I passed.

After dinner, I rewrote the lyrics to "Attack of the Killer Stinkbabies from Venus." Then I watched the news, and spent most of the evening watching TV (Hitchhikers Guide to the Galaxy, Moonlighting (final episode ever!), the news again, and coverage of the Royal Premiere of the new James Bond film, "License to Kill." From the clips I've seen, it looks to be a good one!

Sam and I again had coffee, and as I sit writing this at 1.05 a.m. GMT (7.05 p.m. EST), I imagine that my parents and sister are now at JFK in New York, preparing to board their plane. I'm quite anxious to see them. Haven's seen them in nine months. G'night!

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