Saturday, June 3, 1989

Milling About Town, Spending Dosh ...

I did my usual sleep-in today, but I did wake up mid-morning, though little was accomplished all day.

Let's face it,other than a little studying and talking to Jane & Company, I did nothing of great importance. Well, I did walk into town today with Jane, Sean, Barry and Sue, where I bought a few necessities (shampoo, etc.) as well as the "Baby Plays Around" cassingle by Elvis Costello. It has a new song on it, so I had to get it.

After milling about town and spending dosh, we returned for tea, which was typical. After that meal was finished, we watched some TV, sat in Jane's room, then Helen's room, then my room.

We found out this evening that Chinese authorities opened fire on a large gathering of students demonstrating in China. Bad news, that.

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