Thursday, June 15, 1989

A Last Night's Pleasure in Hull ...

This was a day to prepare for tomorow's big Social/Political Structures exam and essay. I'm not too worried about it, but I want to have lots of notes and a rough outline to work with before I get the essay question. I'm also banking that the question is going to be what I expect it to be.

I took a walk up to the Cottingham Road site, where I dropped off my room release form to Jo Sallis (I can't get my "hall caution money" back, since it was actually Dr. Morrison who paid it.) Then I stopped in the library there to do some studying. They have much better books on the media up at that library than back at the Inglemire Site.

Following a good study session, I checked out a few books to take back to the room, but detoured to the comic book show, where I bought Death in the Family, Part 1, for £2.50. I now have the complete set, and bought it for a grand total of £6.25 (about $10). That set back home is worth about $45. Quite a good deal, I'd say.

I tended to get sidetracked from studying when I returned to The Grange. It wasn't long before I found myself down at the pub with my mates (Sam, Jane, Barry, Helen, Sean-oh, and Martin) and not my false and shallow ones, who shall remain nameless. It was great enjoying a last night's pleasure in Hull. We went to the Haworth pub and it was quite fun.

We left a little prior to 9 p.m. to return to Sean's room and watch "A Company of Wolves," which is a very bizarre movie starring Angela Landsbury retelling the story of Little Red Riding Hood.

Following that, there was a party in St. Martin's Hall, though it was not radio broadcasted like the advertisements all around The Grange had suggested (pictured is one of the advertisements). I only stayed for a few minutes with Sam. I also talked to Chris for a bit, before heading off to bed. (Chris always wears a headband, which has led to the rumour that he has the word "Elvis" tattooed to his forehead.)

I had a clever moment today when I wrote a note to Sam inviting him down to my room for a coofee, using an old Ollie North poster of mine. He liked the note, even though he's obviously not the biggest fan of Ollie.

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