Tuesday, June 6, 1989

Armed Robbery at Barclay's Bank ...

I am in-between exams today. I had been collecting shilling coins throughout the year, since they don't produce them any more. I decided today to chuck in my shilling collection and just spend it. I bought food and a newspaper, as well as a stamp to send a letter to Rachel (I had to send it to Chris Mulvihill actually, because I don't have Rachel's address.)

Next I went to check on flight costs, and then I bought the Human League's 45 of "Human" with the instrumental version on the back. Scott and I will have to come up with a parody song when I get back home.

As I was walking back to The Grange, I witnessed the aftermath of an armed robbery that had taken place at the same Barclay's Bank that had eaten my cashpoint card a while ago. What a shame! (But I thought they didn't have guns in Britain!)

Returned to my room, relaxed, and honestly, I thought about studying. After dinner, and after watching "Hitchhikers Guide to the Galaxy" and "Moonlighting," J.P. and I studied for tomorrow's Fiction exam.

I broke away at about 11 p.m. to call my parents and finalize more plans with them for their arrival in just a few days. Unfortunately, they told me that Greg's plans to come to Europe fell through because he couldn't find anyone to travel with him. That's a disappointment.

Came back to J.P.'s room and continued studying until I fell asleep sometime after 1 a.m. I sure hope I studied enough.

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