Thursday, June 8, 1989

Dawn at 3 a.m. ...

A lethargic day that began at a quarter to twelve with two letters received, one from Viv and another one from Debbie (letters from my girlfriend and from my previous girlfriend on the same day!) I was hoping that Viv's would have the check so that I could buy her airline ticket, but in her very long and nice letter she said that she would be sending it along shortly. Hopefully very shortly.

After I read both letters I took off for a long walk into town, stopping at the bank first to deposit my check. Went on a bit of a buying spree, getting several records: "Psycho" and "Veronica" by Elvis Costello, "Ghostbusters" (for the instrumental B-side), and "Star Trekkin'" by The Firm.) Also bought coffee, batteries, more film, and lunch at McDonald's.

I then walked back to the halls, so I was well knackered when I returned for dinner.

Later that evening, Sam, Jane and I went to the cinema to see "Child's Play," a horror-thriller that Jane and I liked, but that Sam did not. I thought it was an original idea, quite suspenseful in parts, and a lot of fun. Sam just thought it was absurd.

After the film we all came back to my room for coffee., with Sean joining us. Sean and Jane left my room after awhile, but Sam and I remained, talking, drinking coffee and listening to tapes.

After midnight we went to see what the late night telly was, and ended up watching until 3.30 a.m. Saw "Love American Style," "The American Top 10," and a few other shows mixed in.

It actually started to get light before I went to bed, which was odd, but what it tends to do these days. A little reminder that I'm a bit closer to the Arctic Circle here. It actually doesn't even get dark until about 10 p.m., and then only stays dark until about 3 a.m.

Quite different to what I am used to back home.

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