Friday, June 9, 1989

Mundane Existence ...

Geez! I woke up for breakfast a few short hours after I had gone to sleep, grabbed my Access bill from the post table, then went back to bed until 2.45 p.m. I'm pretty certain that's the latest lie-in I've ever had.

It pretty much wasted most of this day for me, so I accomplished very little.

I did write a letter to Viv today, checked some books out of the library, but felt too tired to do much else. I went out and bought a few beers, but only drank two of them while watching "Cheers" and "Roseanne."

A coincidence of sorts on "Roseanne." It was about a tornado that hits their town, and today in the news I heard that a tornado ripped through a town in Mississippi, killing five people.

Also watched "Hammerhead House," a fair thriller, and an episode of "Kojak."

That's about it. Mundane existence for my last week in Hull, I guess.

(Pictured is a photo of Sid, Sharon and Ewan, courtesy of J.P. I haven't really mentioned Sharon or Ewan in the blog, but they were often around the St. Hilda's gang.)

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