Friday, March 3, 1989

10 Days Until Spain ...

Today started another low-cost weekend for me. I went to my Social/Political Structures seminar, which was on the media, so I was able to contribute quite a bit to the discussion.

After class I walked into the library (next door) and checked out some books to begin my Literature essay on Brecht. I also played a lot of Blackjack in Kenny's room today.

That evening, everyone went out, but in the interest of saving money, and because Viv was going to be calling, I stayed in and worked on my essay. I read "Mother Courage and Her Children" while waiting, as well as watched an episode of "Cheers."

When Viv called, she had a bit of bad news. She found out that I would not be allowed to stay at the student residencia where she was living, so now I would have to find my own place to stay while I was there. Considering I'll be there 28 days, that could be rather expensive. I may have to rethink what I'm going to do.

After Viv and I hung up I went and watched "The Twilight Zone." Then, as people began to return for the evening, I hung around with John and he bought me a pizza... which had pepperoni, but also mushrooms. I hate mushrooms. But I was hungry, so I scraped them into one corner of the box... and gave that corner to Paul, who was more than happy to eat them.

I spent the rest of the evening in the Common Room, where Lee, Lorna, some other girl and I sat, talked, and watched "Batman" until 4 a.m., at which time I shot off to bed.

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