Thursday, March 9, 1989

A Day to Work ...

I spent most of today putting the final touches on my essay so that I could hand it in tomorrow. Anyway, the day began like many others, with breakfast, and was followed by a trip into town, where I purchased my coach ticket - £12 return to London. That was a much better price than the £18 one-way fare by train using my student discount rail card. Quite a savings... worth the extra time it'll take for the trip.

While in town I also bought sore throat losenges, batteries, a Spanish Phrase Book, and shampoo, with just enough cash leftover to take the bus home. I averted near catastrophe when I accidentally got on the wrong bus. Fortunately, I was able to switch in time. I guess my mind was elsewhere.

Well, like I said, the rest of my day was dominated by writing my essay. I took periodic breaks, and I let Shannon the Hamster crawl around for a bit. She is getting quite tame. She didn't try to rip up the carpet and most of her efforts were put forth to try and climb up onto the bed or up my leg.

I worked on my essay until 3 a.m., getting all but the final two pages of my re-write completed. I even managed to do some late-night laundry in the process.

Pictured is an ad for the upcoming Macc Lads Tour, featured in Viz Comics.

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