Thursday, March 2, 1989

The Campaign Continues ...

I'm temporarily using a red pen right now in my journal, just to mix things up a bit and make things a little more interesting. I decided to bag class today in order to assume my duties as Big Jon's campaign manager. I walked down to the Student Union and picked up an application for the election. The guy who gave it to me was a bit surprised to have an American request the form. He has no idea...

Afterward, I headed over to the University union, where I purchased my airline ticket to Spain (student rate). I had to take a flight on the 13th of March, so it looks like I'll be there for a total of four weeks (and I'll miss one week of classes before our three-week spring break.)

I returned to my room after mailing various letters home and purchasing a birthday card for my Dad, as well as a Mother's Day card for Mom (never too early...) I also bought a copy of "Time," with John Tower on the cover, Bush's unsuccessful nominee for Secretary of Defense.

After dinner I wrote letters to Greg, my parents, and Viv, then spent the rest of the evening fooling around in St. Hilda's. Oh, and this evening a few of us headed up to the cinema to see "Return of the Living Dead, Part 2." Funny!

Pictured is, sadly, the only photo I took of Big Jon. To see the full context of this picture, you'll have to check back here on March 1o. I'm thinking this photo might not be the best representation of a Student Union Presidential Candidate. Then again, you just never know... (Hey J.P., you wouldn't happen to have a better photo of Jon in your archives that I could borrow?)

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