Saturday, March 11, 1989

No hable ingles? ...

I actually got up for a Saturday breakfast! No mail today, and at 9.30 I gathered my change to make a call to Viv in Madrid. My ears were still ringing from last night's hijinks, but my hearing difficulties soon turned out to be the least of my problems.

I momentarily forgot that Viv was now living in a foreign country with several people in a residencia who no hable ingles. That was true for the person who answered the phone. After a few seconds of hardly being able to hear the other line, and what few things I did hear I could not understand, I finally told the person that I must have the wrong number (momentarily forgetting that they would not be able to understand that, either) and hung up, hoping that Viv would somehow figure out what had happened and would try to call me back.

I went out and bought a copy of The Times, and spent part of the afternoon packing for Spain. I'm looking forward to a little adventure, and maybe getting a nice tan.

Later that evening, after dinner and watching "ALF," several of us headed into town to the cinema to see "Rain Man." Wow, what a fabulous movie! Dustin Hoffman was brilliant and deserves to win a bunch of Oscars for his performance. Even Tom Cruise did a good job in the movie. I'd be surprised if it doesn't win Best Picture as well. Simply excellent.

After the movie we grabbed some milk shakes at McDonald's, then headed back to The Grange, where I hung around with the gang in St. Hilda's until about midnight, then returned to let Shannon run around the room. As far as I can tell, Viv never called back. I finally went to bed at 12.45 a.m.

Pictured is one of my favourite features in Viz Comics: The Viz Top 10. This is the magazines top 10 albums, and it is based totally upon who sends the most money along with their recording. I always wanted to send in a Yokel tape with £10.02, but that was a lot of money to sacrifice back then... and I was always afraid I'd pick the month when everyone sends in £50. (Perhaps I should've spend my money on immortality for my band instead of a hamster.)

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