Monday, March 6, 1989

Spain Trip, On or Off? ...

Sort of a frustrating day, which started off badly when I received a depressing letter from Viv. She's not adjusting well to being in Spain. I began to have second thoughts about going there myself, mainly due to the cost. I began contemplating a flight home over the spring break holiday.

I went to the Student Union travel office to inquire about the possibility of transferring my flight from Madrid, and then returned home to eat lunch and watch some telly.

After a fruitless literature class and following dinner, a few of us went to the Gardener's Arms for awhile. We stayed there for awhile, then Big Jon, Little Johnny, Andy and I returned to St. Hilda's to play some Trivial Pursuit, which Jon won (I placed 2nd). The game was highlighted by Andy's inability to score even one wedge for his game piece, and Johnny's answer to the question, "What planet takes 248 years to revolve around the sun?" Sorry, Johnny, the answer is not "Earth." (It's Pluto.)

At 10 o'clock, Viv called and were were able to talk about some of the problems she was having adjusting to life in Spain. But we were able to work out a plan that should allow me to stay in Madrid for the full length that we initially planned. I may be able to stay at their residence for a fee (or, if we are sly, perhaps not...)

Following our call, I put in a call to my parents back in Camp Hill to find out how their trip to Colorado went (it was beautiful, of course), and to update them on my upcoming trip to Spain. They told me that it was snowing there right now, and already they have about 10 inches on the ground. It figures. That's about 9.95 inches more than we've had so far this year here in Hull. It was a nice warm day here today.

After the phone calls, I headed to the TV common room were I watched some "Miami Vice," then roamed around visiting folks before returning to watch an episode of "Prisoner of Cell Block H" in Jane's room, with Lee and Jon. Finally, at about 12.30, I went to bed.

Pictured is a magazine I picked up, the March 1989 issue of Cut. Wow, an Elvis Costello cover story, a Lou Reed feature, AND harsh words for Labour leader Neil Kinnock. How could I NOT buy this (and keep it, 20 years later)?

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