Tuesday, March 7, 1989

10,000 Pesetas, Por Favor ...

Instead of going to my first class of the day, Literature in Context, which incidentally was the final one before I head to Spain, I decided instead to run a few errands in order to get my Spain trip squared away.

I picked up my airline ticket at the Student Union travel office, then I ordered £50 worth of Spanish money - pesetas - which turned out to be about 10,000.

I returned to do some work on my Brecht essay for Literature in Context, and then go to my Geography seminar (boring), and Social/Political structures lecture (featuring the teacher I like to call Dr. Borin Guy... although J.P. for some reason likes him.)

That evening was marked with no special events other than my continued work on my essay (I really need to get a good grade on this!) and then watching yet another hilarious and bizarre episode of "Moonlighting."

It looks like everything from here on out in regard to Spain appears to be all go. Well, with the exception of the language thing. Not sure how much I remember from Spanish I in 10th grade.

Pictured is "The Pathetic Sharks," a cartoon from Viz Comics. Click on it for a readable version.

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