Wednesday, March 8, 1989

Hamster dating ...

After a sparcely populated but nonetheless interesting Geography seminar, followed by a morning of rest and relaxation, J.P. and I ran into town to look around, but mainly traveled downtown to see the movie "The Accused" starring Jodie Foster at the Wednesday matinee. It was a very good and thought-provoking film, which showed both sides of the situation quite well.

After the movie, J.P. and I returned to The Grange for a most unmemorable dinner, followed by an evening of television viewing. We watched "Buck Rogers," then an interview with Sirhan Sirhan (oh sure, he's really sorry), M*A*S*H, and then I watched "Thirtysomething."

During this time, Lorna stopped by. She also has a hamster, so we thought it'd be fun to get our pets and bring them here. We set up the chairs so that we could let them run around without fear that they would escape. The biggest problem was not letting them get too close to one another so as to allow them to procreate. One hamster is enough.

During M*A*S*H, J.P. and I re-arranged the chairs again to construct what we decided was a monstrous Christopher Wren-type monument, made out of Common Room chairs.

Returned to my room a bit later to let Shannon run around a bit more before heading to bed.

Pictured is my article that appeared in the March 8, 1989 edition of The Snapper at Millersville. Of course, it was a few weeks later before I actually saw a copy of this article. I wasn't too thrilled with the headline, actually.

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