Thursday, March 16, 1989

Adventures in Telephoning ...

Started off the day with much the same routine. Left the hotel with Viv and ate breakfast at our usual spot (hey, I'm becoming a regular!), then caught the Metro to Republica de Argentina (highlighted in the map), the stop closest to her Residencia. Ate a little more food here before everyone left for classes, which is when I wrote up the rest of my "Life in Hull" article.

When everyone returned for good, other than a trip to the grocery store, we remained inside for the evening, playing cards or checkers (draughts, as the English call the game), eating dinner, and watching a dubbed episode of "Moonlighting." I couldn't understand a word of what they were saying, but I still watched.

At ten thirty Viv and I began our attempt to call my parents. First we tried the hall phone, but nothing happened. So we next tried an outside pay phone, which informed us that we were not permitted to make a collect call from a pay phone.


So, now we went to The Old Man in the Residencia and asked him if it would be possible for us to use his phone, and he gave us the runaround, and spent the whole time trying to connect using the methods we had already unsuccessfully attempted. Finally, he let us call ourselves, and it took us five minutes to get through... and there was no answer. The connection was not successful. Frustrated, the operator aked if we'd try again in 15 minutes, which we did, and lo and behold, we got through!

I talked to Angie and Dad to let them know how things were in Madrid. Unfortunately Mom was out at the time I called. Dr. Morrison had arrived from England a short time earlier, and Mom was showing him around the area. After concluding our call, Viv and I made a mad dash to the Metro, but our one connection we had just missed, so we had to wait 16 minutes before the next train arrived. I finally got to Gran Via and the room at around 1.3o a.m.

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