Sunday, March 5, 1989

Spooky Messages from Beyond ...

Again, I set my alarm for 8 a.m., but still missed breakfast after turning off my alarm. This time though, I woke up a bit earlier than I did yesterday. No real necessity to wake up that early, though, because everyone else was still asleep anyway.

After lunch, as I so often do on a Sunday afternoon, I watched "Lost in Space." Then a little while after that, we got a group together to play a rousing game of Risk. We also built a Ouija board today, following a theological discussion, and we got some strange messages from someone apparently named "Elleanor Cunom." Lee and Johnny both accused me of moving the pointer, but if anyone was pushing it, it wasn't me. Whatever the case, it freaked out a lot of people, especially when it referred to the Bible when we asked if it had any messages for us... John 3:16 - not the most original of verses. However, she said she was in Hell, so perhaps we should take that verses' advice.

Anyway, following dinner, it was much the same as yesterday, hanging out in St. Hilda's, though I did go back to my room for awhile to work on my report a bit and read.

We watched the first part of "Billionaire Boys Club" starring Judd Nelson. I had watched it in '87 when it was on TV back home, and I thought it was pretty good, so I wasn't opposed to watching it all again. When it ended at 12.05, I headed back to my room and went to bed.

Pictured is the outside window of my bedroom at St. Martin's. It was a prominent location right along Beverley Road... perfect for displaying my large photo of Ollie North.

  • Number One Song in Britain This Week: "Belfast Child" - Simple Minds
  • Number One Song in America This Week: "Lost in Your Eyes" - Debbie Gibson

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