Saturday, March 4, 1989

In the Interest of Spending No Money ...

I set my alarm for 8 a.m., but when it rang, I decided that 4 hours of sleep was simply not enough, so I ignored it, and thus missed breakfast. In fact, I awoke just in time to grab some lunch.

Then, in the interest of spending no money today, I hung around St. Hilda's and played some cards with the guys for a few hours, until we started a game of Risk.

Following the games we watched a bunch of movies, including "The Supergrass," an underwhelming British comedy starring Adrian Edmonson and Nigel Planer from "The Young Ones," among others who had appeared on the show. Considering that, I thought it would've been better. Then we watched "Day of the Dead" (yet another movie dealing with the phenomenon of "re-animation"), followed by "Quadrophenia," starring The Who, of course.

Following that, I went to bed. Not a very eventful Saturday for me.

There was another train crash near London. This time nine people died. I'm thinking next time, take the coach.

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