Friday, October 21, 1988

Leisure Lounging

Woke up early to prepare for our Social/Political Structures Seminar, which started at 9:15 a.m. Fortunately, the awful Roz Billington was away that day, so we were left on our own for the class. Interesting session, with the students running the show. It was actually quite good and a lot of fun holding class this way.

On the way back from class we stopped for some food, then brought it back to our respective rooms and ate. Then it was leisure lounging pretty much for the rest of the day. We sat around in Doug and Kenny's room playing cards and such.

Later that evening, while some people chose to go out for a drink, we continued to sit around in the residence and chat. Among the people there was a very frustrated Viv (pictured), whom I tried to cheer up. I think I helped, but probably not very much. She's still hung up on Doug, but she knows that he's not interested in pursuing a relationship with her. I hope I said the right things to help her. At 2 a.m., I finally went to bed.

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