Saturday, October 22, 1988

The St. Hilda’s Pisshead Zone

We were talking about taking a short trip out to the coastline today, but no one really felt up for taking the trip, even though it was a very nice day, weather-wise. There’s a flu that is going around that everybody’s been catching, myself included. So it looks like it’s going to be one of those easy-going weekends.

After a mediocre lunch, J.P. and I took a shopping excursion, where we decided to take a look down the other side of Cottingham Road. What we found could not be believed… it was an outlet district! Shopper’s heaven. Well, maybe that’s a bit much, but there were a lot of great shops. We went into Texas Hardware (sort of a Hechinger’s, only bigger) and we each bough reading lamps for £5. They were much needed. We then walked back to do the rest of our shopping, satisfied with what we had found. We then went to our respective rooms to play with our new toys, then went to dinner.

Afterwards, it was over to the “St. Hilda’s Pisshead Zone” (as Kurt decreed himself the St. Hilda's Pisshead, a reference to his penchant for drinking) for some leisure hanging about… and playing some cards. I was a bit of a wasteoid because I was so exhausted, and after awhile, I went back to my room for some rest. Later, Doug came by to let me know that he was heading up to Double Happiness for some Chinese take away. I wasn’t very hungry, but I decided that I needed to get out for a walk. Of course, I bought some of their chips ‘n gravy. The nice man who owns the restaurant and is always working there at the counter gave me a break when I was 3 pence short. I guess he’s starting to recognize me as one of his regular customers.

I walked back feeling a bit better, and we hung out in Doug’s room, eating our food. Later, Viv and Liz stopped by Doug’s room, having returned from the Student Union Disco held that evening. Viv stayed with us while Liz, who said she had a headache, went off to bed.

Viv and I were friendly again. I think I like her, but I’ve got to be cautious, because of her feelings for Doug. He was being quite distant tonight, moodier and darker than usual (and that’s saying a lot!), just staring at candles burning in his room, listening to the Ultravox album, “The Blooded Sword.”

Next we just goofed around a bit in J.P.’s room until about 1:30 a.m., when Viv and I left for our respective rooms. J.P., Kenny and Kurt were pretending to be from Pluto, and they got it all recorded on cassette tape. Odd.

Pictured: J.P. & Kenny walking down Beverley Road near Humberside College.
Update (4/10/2009)... Viv adds another perspective to this day, with an excerpt from her diary on Saturday, Oct. 22, 1988 (with a few contemporary comments): "When we (I believe that is Puri, Angie and me) first met the three Americans, we thought they were real creeps! Now we know that they're a lot nicer, especially Rick and J.P. To start with, it was Doug who went out of his way to get to know us. Now his attention is concentrated on Sid 'cause she listens to his problems. Rick is mine and Liz's special friend - he's especially good to me... (ahh!) ... 'cause he knows I like Doug (I was so mis-guided!) but Doug is not in that frame of mind. In fact I don't think he's in a frame of mind at all - he's been acting extremely strangely lately."

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