Friday, October 28, 1988

Feeling Poorly

It’s Friday! I went to Soc/Pol Structures with Evil Roz, although she wasn’t too bad today. Doug and J.P. are now in different seminar groups, so I will only be with them during the lecture classes.

After that, I went up the road to do a bit of grocery shopping, because I needed to stock up on food and drink in my room. When I returned from shopping, Viv stopped by my room for a visit, saying that she was ill. She has been fighting a cold all week (as have I), but her condition worsened. So she came over and rested while I did some reading.

We went to dinner, and afterwards I walked her up to her room, and then went with Paul to the store to get her some Lockets (throat lozenges), juice and medicine. I then stayed with her for awhile, but decided to let her rest, and I left and went downstairs, where Paul and I sat for the next hour-or-so playing guitar. (He brought his electric guitar.)

After that, I went back up to see how Viv was doing. She said she was feeling so poorly that she couldn’t sleep, so I decided to stay over the night (innocently, of course!) to make sure she was alright. I feel really bad, because I think she probably caught her sickness from me.

(Pictured: The desk in my room, skillfully designed to give Roz Billington apoplexy.)

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