Wednesday, October 19, 1988

Toga! Toga! Toga!

Woke up at 9 a.m. and decided not to go to class this morning. I got myself awake, and after a little chat with the maid, I took a shower (conveniently located across from my room) and then went to meet J.P. and Doug to go to the Finance Department at the Cottingham Avenue site to pick up our food money. We had £50 waiting for us, which certainly helps.

Then Kenny, J.P. and I went into town to buy some odds and ends. I got my pictures back (some look pretty good), a flash for my camera, two photo books to hold my photos, a cassette of Vivaldi’s “Four Seasons,” another cassette of classical music, and some hangars for my clothes.

We returned for some leisure “hanging about” until 7:30 p.m., when we watched our weekly “Doctor Who.”

Then we got ready for the Toga Disco, being held at the Student Union, located at the Cottingham Avenue Site. With the exception of Kurt, we all took our sheets off of our beds, wrapped them around ourselves, and began the long cold walk to the Union, where along the way we encountered a high locked fence to the entrance we usually use, so we were forced to climb over it to get to the disco. During our walk, Big Jon suggested that Kurt (who is of Spanish heritage), should’ve come to the dance dressed up as an Inca.

When we got to the Student Union, there were a good number of people already there dressed in their Greek/Roman garb. We all had some Foster’s Lager, bitter or cider, then went dancing on the dance floor for awhile. Later we got a little more bold and went up on the raised stage that they have there, usually reserved for better dancers than us. That was good fun.

The DJs started playing some unusual selections, including “YMCA” by the Village People, and music by Abba and from the Grease soundtrack, but it was all great. All-in-all, I though this dance was much better musically than what they played at LA’s last night. The DJ also played three songs by The Beatles, two by Prince, and a number of older tracks.

At about 11:30 p.m. we left the Student Union to begin the chilly 20-minute walk back to The Grange. It wasn’t long before we encountered the same locked fence that slowed our progress when we walked to the Union. I grabbed the iron bars and pulled myself over the sharp edges at the top, and I thought I cleared it with no problem. However, I later discovered that my sheet caught the bar and ripped, and must’ve cut my heel in the process, because there were blood stains on the sheet as well.

If that wasn’t challenging enough, it started to downpour. With the rain drenching us, Kurt, J.P. and I broke into a sprint for a good bit of the way… which was quite humorous, now that I think about it. When we returned we ran right into St. Michael’s, with our sheets and clothes muddied and soaking wet (and mine ripped and blood-stained). As we approached the St. Hilda’s TV room, Viv “kidnapped” me and took me back to her room, where Liz, Viv and I sat, talked, and watched the movie “The Thing” on Viv’s TV.

I was a bit worried about what would happen with the sheet when housekeeping came to take it for the wash, but I just couldn’t get myself too concerned about the muddy thing at this time. I stayed in their room until after 4 a.m., when I made the decision to return to my room for some sleep.

Fortunately, my first class isn’t until 2:15 p.m. tomorrow. Needless to say, I slept without a sheet tonight.

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