Monday, October 10, 1988


Well, it was another slow, lazy day here in Hull. Since I didn’t have a class until 3:15 p.m. (that’s a nice set-up to start the week!), there was nothing to worry about. Around 10 a.m., Doug, J.P., Sean Furness (or “Bonk,” as Kurt has started calling him, which is “Knob” backwards, short for knobhead) headed over to Cottingham Road. Doug and Bonk are switching rooms, so we were heading over to make it official. Bonk will take over Doug’s single room, and Doug will now reside in the double room with Kenny.

It’s actually a pretty cool double. There are two separate small rooms for Doug and Kenny, and then one large living area that they both share. It’s a pretty cool place to hang out. Hopefully the move will boost Doug’s spirits.

After the change was made, we dropped Bonk off at the Student Union, and the three of us Americans went to register with a doctor for the national health service. (My NHS card is pictured, right) Doug, who has a bad sore throat that has chewed up his voice good, made an appointment for Wednesday.

Next, it was back to my room for some more sleep… until 2:45 p.m., when I rejoined Doug and J.P. and we headed to our Modern Poetry and Drama Class. It was an interesting lecture, with an interesting tutor, Don Ward.

After that, it was back to The Grange Refactory for another revolting and unsatisfactory meal. Following our meal we sat around, talking with Sid, Kurt and others in St. Hildas before J.P. and I took a much-needed chips and gravy run up to Double Happiness. However, when we returned, we realized we had forgotten to get Doug some as we had promised. As my punishment, Doug shook up my can of Coke, then rolled it down the hall.

This alone was funny enough, except it got better. It stopped rolling right in front of where a shoeless Bonk was coming out into the hall, and thinking that this was an empty Coke can on the ground, decided it would be funny to kick it back. Oh, the pain he felt when he discovered it was a full can.

Well, the evening continued, with people poking fun at Bonk (as per usual), and sitting around talking in Kurt’s room, even though Kurt wasn’t there. When I left to go to bed, I was to encounter Jo, whom I now simply refer to as “The World,” and her friend, and they decided to come into my room for a bit to chat. It wasn’t long before they left for bed, which I think is a good idea.

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